INSCX™ exchange (The Integrated Nano-Science & Commodity Exchange) is a self-regulating organisation (SRO) providing an electronic trade platform specific to the listing of accredited, inspected and validated engineered nanomaterials, nano-enabled commodities and categories of more traditional commodities for physical delivery.

The Exchange can be used to trade engineered nanomaterials, objects and devices (ENMs) based on Thematic class, nano-enabled commodities and traditional materials ranging from Base Oils, Polymers and Titanium Dioxide.

INSCX is based in the United Kingdom operating live markets during UK and North American business hours.


The purpose of commodity exchanges remains to enable Good Order in the supply, procurement and trade of materials required for the production of goods and services.

Organised exchange systems have long been used in sectors as diverse as industrial/precious metals, oil, grains, agriculture and other materials and commodities. These market systems constitute a key component of global trade. Exchange systems provide essential price discovery, financing to support production, an ability to hedge exposure to adverse price movements, assurance of conformity to specification and more efficient means to enable cohesion in regulation, logistical and insurance supports.

INSCX™ exchange provides these benefits to drive greater industrial use of engineered nanomaterials and more cohesion in price discovery and physical trade of polymers, base oils and speciality materials.



The Exchange works alongside several organisations concerned with physical trade in the supply of accredited and compliant engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) positively encouraging collaboration.

The ethos of any commodity exchange system is based on this spirit of collaboration between interlocking and competing interests. From their early origins as mutual societies, exchange systems have demonstrated a unique ability to drive such collaboration.

In the context of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (N&N), INSCX strives to create greater cohesion among producers and downstream users of the materials base of Nanoscience, engineered nanomaterials. In addition, the Exchange offers to providers of capital a structured means to support ENM fabrication and opportunity to engage to provide liquidity to forward delivery markets in physical polymer trade.

As an entity the Exchange reaches out to the financial community, material service providers, inspection, toxicology experts, nanomaterials formulation and refining entities and official regulation agencies for the purpose of creating sustained commercial traction in use of engineered nanomaterials, objects and devices.

INSCX also offers expertise in materials characterisation, EHS toxicology, nanomaerials track/trace and greater cohesion in the physical trade of traditional and advanced materials. The Exchange represents the “go to” marketplace for physical commodity trade and self-regulatory compliance.

INSCX exchange operates a unique track/trace mechanism for recording trade in engineered nanomaterials (ENMs).

The mechanic termed DOWNSTREAM AUDIT SEQUENCING (DAS) records each ENM trade executed and/or reported through the Exchange enabling sequencing of each batch from source through the supply chain.

DAS has been highlighted to official regulation agencies, most notably in the UK and US, as a means to provide real-time trade reporting of ENM trade on a national and regional scale.

NANOGUARd is a proposed initiative to augment the DAS track/trace system for the benefit of insurance and regulatory actors concerned with good order in the supply and use of ENMs.

NANOGUARd is a system developed by the Ireland-based University of Limerick Business School to provide a comprehensive software tool to official regulation agencies and insurers combining real-time trade data via DAS with risk profiling of the specific engineered nanomaterial(s) so recorded.

Based on Bayesian network modelling, a data analysis technique which is ideally suited to complex data, the NANOGUARd tool once launched will further aid the insurance industry mitigate potential risk associated with commercial uptake of ENMs.

The Exchange works with standards institutes such as the UK British Standards Institute (BSI), International Standards Organisation (ISO), official regulation agencies  and other actors in the ENM supply chain to offer a means where nanoproducers can collaborate with these organisations and industry to develop standards in supplied materials.