INSCX™ exchange was founded in 2009 by way of collaboration between experts in nanoscience and the securities & commodity industry for the purpose of gearing industrial use of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs).

Joining the NanoCentral® Alliance of Specialist Providers in nanoscience in 2010 and featuring at the 2010 and 2011 Nanomaterials series of conferences, INSCX has progressed from concept in 2009 to represent the global Exchange for speciality materials.

The Exchange were original members of the UK DEFRA Nanomaterials Stakeholder Forum. Since 2009, INSCX remains active in a variety of forums concerned with driving standards in ENMs.

In 2010, the Exchange was commissioned by Lloyds of London to produce a report for underwriter members of Lloyds to address the insurability of nanomaterials.

Today, the Exchange is the driving focus for expanding industrial trade in ENMs.

INSCX operates the only global, real-time tracking mechanism from source of engineered nanomaterials.

Additional Materials

INSCX is also involved in listing for trade more traditional commodities and materials given the synergies between ENMs and materials such as Polymers, Base Oils and Pigments.  

Since 2012, INSCX has worked to develop efficient price discovery and hedging capability in these more traditional commodity categories. 2014 saw the Exchange offer the first “true” hedging tool in the form of Fixed Term pricing specific to polymers. The Exchange also provides Polymer and EMEA Base Oil producers, traders and converters Europe’s first auditable price/trade mechanism for these commodity sectors.

Registered and Approved users of the Exchange can access the live electronic dealing platform to obtain real-time price/trade data on Polymers, Base Oils, Titanium Dioxide, and of course ENMs.

These developments represent the first Exchange-led initiative to establish real-time transparency and hedging ability in physical trade of these commodity categories.