How INSCX can help you

INSCX is first and foremost a market place for physical trade in listed commodities where trade is conducted through a secure-access electronic dealing platform supported by traditional voice-brokering methods.

In addition to physical dealing the Exchange provides a host of ancillary and support trade services. These range from logistics, export/import clearing, warehousing, materials inspection, ENM toxicology analysis, materials research, trade finance and bespoke nanomaterials formulation and refining services.  


Execute and/or report physical trade in listed materials, use the Exchange to enable forward spot and forward delivery price hedging.


Access sea, inland freight and customs clearing services to trade on the primary Incoterm basis.


Access cargo insurance for conventional materials to EHS insurance for nanomaterials

Trade Financing

Trading houses can access liquidity and producers upscale finance using the Exchange.

Price Discovery

Users can subscribe to access real-time price and trade data in listed materials.

Advanced Materials Refining

Access to bespoke advanced and nanomaterial refining services to enable users to develop new products and formulations.


The Exchange provides members with access to inspection and toxicology services pertaining also to engineered nanomaterials.


Coordinate industrial emphasis research to integrate use of engineered nanomaterials into existing material supply chains.