Terms and Conditions

A Commodity Exchange is an organised market which facilitates the purchase and sale of physical commodities to defined specifications, in accordance with rules and procedures set by the Exchange.  Each exchange operates in accordance with its rule-book compliant with formal regulation.

The purpose of a commodity Exchange system is to ensure good order in trade, transparency in price discovery, greater trade efficiency and compliance.

An Exchange is a neutral marketplace where the price at which any trade is agreed is by way of the buyer/seller interacting anonymously through authorised non-commercial user members of the Exchange.

These “Merchants” in turn place the instruction for execution on the Exchange trade floor for execution at best.

On INSCX™ exchange instructions to trade are placed on a secure-access electronic trade platform through a specialist dealing desk managed as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Exchange.

ON INSCX the specialist engages to verify as “proven” any instruction in advance of being placed anonymously on the electronic market during trade hours, acting as a neutral auctioneer between parties wishing to compete to trade. On execution of a given trade, the specialist reports the trade anonymously to the broader market to enable real-time price discovery, while acting to settle the trade agreed between the parties concerned. On INSCX the instruction to trade buy/sell can be placed by the Commercial or Associate Trade Member direct with the specialist or with any Merchant member the instructing party opts to retain.

This model of trade ensures any trade is price placed anonymously on the Exchange system, proven as reliable for challenge and disclosed exclusive to the parties concerned with the individual trade on agreement. The system also delivers best execution.

INSCX operates defined rules specific to the category of commodity listed for trade. Rules relate to matters such as membership, trading rights/procedures and nominee reporting. To learn more, contact the Exchange registrar or a member of the specialist dealing desk via: